Australian Paper

Gas Fired Boiler #9

In June 2012, Primaweld was awarded the contract to supply labour and resources to repair the economiser and bifurcation sections of #9 gas fired boiled at Australian Paper Maryvale Mill. The duration of this shut lasted a total of 4 weeks and was finished early July 2012

3rd Effect Head Replacement

Fabrication of a 4.2 metre diameter, 16mm thick stainless steel vessel. This 9 tonne top section of the vessel was fitted on site and welded in place during the 10 day May 2012 shut.

E4 Evaporator Upgrade (SITE)

During 2011, Primaweld undertook this project consisting of the removal of an existing vessel, refurbish of the existing structure and install new vessel with new piping and ducting system

Raw Water Upgrade

Supply and Fabrication of 300-500nb stainless steel pipe line including site installation, NDT & hydro testing.

M1, M2 Gantry Crane Replacement

Replacement of existing gantry cranes with brand new equivalents including removal and reinstallation of existing roof structures

M5 Steam Upgrade

Fabrication and Installation of new steam lines including NDT testing

Burke Street Pipe Bridge (Pulp Mill Project)

Supply, fabrication & partial assembly of several sections of the "burke Street" pipe bridge and access towers.

M1 High consistency refiner upgrade

Blow Tank

As part of the Batch mill upgrade, Primaweld was awarded the supply, fabrication, testing and installation of the blow tank. Material used was 2205 Stainless Steel and had a circumference of approx. 7.5m, was 36 metres long and weight 80 tonnes.

M5 Paper Machine (SITE)

Australian Paper installed a new paper machine and some major upgrades took place in order to service their latest demands. At a cost of $830,000 the contract was awarded to Primaweld in February 1997 with completion in June 1997. Primaweld's responsibility under this contract was to supply materials (structural steel and piping), shop fabrication and installation on site.